What is This That I Have Heard About a B12 Weight Loss Program?

First off, what is B12? What is Vitamin B in? What is a diet plan that you can use with Vitamin B12?

To answer these questions, there isn’t a diet plan specific to vitamin B12. Many people use B12 to help increase energy and curb their appetite while they are on the HCG diet. This may help you when you are doing the HCG diet, but it isn’t necessary when you are using our formula. Our formula has been specifically designed to curb your appetite and use your existing fat stores for energy.

B12 is found in many different foods. You can find out more about Vitamin B12 here. Vitamin B12 comes from meat, eggs and fish, all of which are great weight lose foods.

So it is up to you. You don’t need it with our formula, but it won’t hurt either.