How Long Should I Do the HCG Diet Plan?

Many people have often asked me “How long should I do the HCG diet plan? Should I do it for 15 days diet? Or the 20 day diet?” There is even the 40 day diet plan. Now, this refers to “Phase 2” of the HCG diet. This is also a tough question to answer, because there is no correct answer for everyone. Here at we encourage those looking to lose weight to make Phase 2 last between 21-40 days. People ask me, “Why can’t I go longer than 40 days?” The answer that I have for them is that oftentimes, it is just too difficult to do so. This isn’t a diet for sissies. Also, it isn’t beneficial to go past the 40 day diet period because most people just start to plateau. He entire protocol is set up so that from the moment you buy hcg online or in a store, you are at the beginning of a new lifestyle. In later posts I will go into what it takes to get through the entire protocol. I will also be discussing hCG diet drops side effects as well as hCG diet foods you can eat.