What is the Cost of HCG Weight Loss Program?

This is a great question. HCG drops aren’t cheap, that is for sure. If you do find them for cheap, make sure you really know what you are getting. If you get injections from a doctor, they can cost at least $800. The drops on our site are priced starting at $25/oz. That is a great deal!

You still aren’t ready to take the leap? I have broken it down for you:

In this first scenario, let’s say that John who weighs 250 lbs wants to try the HCG diet. John eats out at a fast food restaurant at least once per day. So considering that his grocery bill won’t increase during the time he is on the HCG diet, he will be saving money by not eating out.

John is going to try the 30 Day Program at $99. Let’s just say he adds on the 30 Day Supply of Real PAGG for good measure for a total purchase price of $128.99.

The average fast food meal costs between $4-$7. So let’s average that to $5.50.

$5.50 x 30 Days = $165!

So it is actually cheaper to buy the HCG drops than it is to not buy them!!

And this doesn’t even take into the consideration the long term costs of buying XXL clothes, more shoes (because they are wearing out faster), buying new furniture that wears out faster. And then you have medical problems from being over weight. So, you can buy fast food once a day at $165 for the month, or you can spend $128.99 and lose the weight that you have been trying to lose?